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 and make your SAP Project more agile!

I am coaching SAP Projects with an agile and solution-focused approach.

  • Project Managers are taking right decisions
  • Teams are motivated and success-orientated

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Inhalt des E-Books

  • Vorteile des agilen Ansatzes in SAP-Projekten
  • 5 Geheimnisse für ein erfolgreiches SAP-Projekt
  • Roadmap zum agilen High-Performance SAP-Projektteam

About the writer

Uwe Störzinger

Uwe Störzinger has more than 30 years of experience in the SAP project business. He was employed at SAP and implemented agile methodologies in many of his customer projects,  for which he was responsible in several management roles. Since 2020 he works as freelance Business Coach for SAP projects and supports his customers furthermore in the transformation of their SAP strategies.

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